Saber Fazliahmadi PHP Developer of

نرم افزار مطب آنلاین

Saber Fazliahmadi PHP Developer of

Saber Fazliahmadi
PHP Developer of

MatabEonline is the first web-based clinic management software for doctors and patients in Iran which helps doctors to manage their clinics and treat their patients faster.
He becames successful in optimizing this web-based software Back-End and Front-End with Laravel and Bootstrap so that over 2000 active doctors use this web-based software every day at their clinics.

What have he done with Laravel to optimize this web-based software?
⦿ Integrating Backend Caches for Boosting Performance and Make the Software Faster
⦿ Management of Dependencies
⦿ Scheduling Automated Testing with PHPUnit
⦿ Fixing the SQL injection
⦿ Configuring URL Routing
⦿ Configuration Errors and Exceptions Handling
⦿ Integration Software with SMS, Email and Notification Auto Reminder Service
⦿ Working with API Clients + API Routes and Controllers
⦿ Creating a Customer Submission and Searching System
⦿ Creating a Financial Transaction Manager and Reporting System
⦿ Creating a Custom and Secure User Authentication + reCAPTCHA Controller
⦿ Creating a Booking Appointment System + Daily Appointment Manager
⦿ Creating a Medical Electronic Health Record System + Integrated with API
(Mentoring and leading a team of junior developers)

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